Our Journey

At Tuk In Foods we are working to transform the nations favourite food, curry! The business was first conceived while eating curry at Cambridge University and while it took time for the right opportunity to create our business we are really excited to now be sharing our products with you. We have been inspired by the wonderful diversity of Indian cuisine, which we continue to explore. We love the wonderful flavours and tastes of the cuisine and want to allow more people to experience them more often.

We know everyone loves a curry for dinner at a restaurant or takeaway and we want to make it easier for everyone to enjoy the awesome taste of curry on the go, with our curry-in-a-naan! Everyone knows that the best way to eat a curry is scooping it up in a bit of naan.

More broadly our ambition is to offer delicious Indian street food that is satisfying and better for you. We are working with an awesome cuisine and have a number of exciting products under development for the future.

Please do grab a curry in a hurry! We hope it brightens up your day! Do let us know what you think on social media and get in touch if you would like to join the team or invest in the business.

Tuk In Foods