Come and join the team!

We are always looking for great people who love curry and are enthusiastic about transforming people's lunchtimes! We are currently looking for talented national account managers and sales and marketing graduates. Please do send us your CV to hello@tukinfoods if you are interested, we will make every attempt to respond promptly.

Below are some of our key values we look for:

At Tuk In we are genuine. We genuinely want to make delicious Indian street food that is satisfying and better for you. We genuinely want to make Indian food easier to eat. And we want to to deal with everyone in a genuine way – whether that’s our customers, our suppliers or the people that make up team Tuk In. You can rely on us to be honest, open and up-front about who we are, what we do and how we do it.

We are ambitious about our products and our business. We want to aim high to make sure we have the happiest customers around, giving them the best product that we possibly can. We want to deliver something amazing for the people that buy Tuk In so that we can grow as a business and make even more fantastic food.

It’s important for us at Tuk In to know what we want, but it’s even more important for us to know what our customers want. We like to collaborate as at team so that we can continuously improve but we also do the same with customers and other businesses so that we can be the best that we can be.

So whether you’re a customer with some feedback for us, another company who wants to collaborate or a fantastic person who wants to be part of team Tuk In, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.